Monday, April 30, 2007

STAR TRIBUNE: 56% in poll approve of Pawlenty's job

Patricia Lopez

Despite his often contentious relations with the Legislature, Gov. Tim Pawlenty is cruising along with a comfortable 56 percent job approval rating in the latest SurveyUSA monthly tracking poll.

The poll of 600 Minnesotans shows that nearly all Minnesotans have a well-defined opinion of the two-term Republican governor. About 40 percent disapprove of the job Pawlenty is doing, while only 4 percent have no opinion.

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WEST CENTRAL TRIBUNE: Governor warms up veto pen, striking down small local bill

The Associated Press, St. Paul

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is threatening to veto most of the Legislature's work on the state budget this year. On Monday, he warmed up by striking down a bill for local governments.

The legislation would have raised the spending limits for city charter commissions outside of the state's biggest cities from $1,500 a year to $5,000. Above that, elected city councils would have to approve any outlays.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

McELROY: Government strives for efficiency

By Dan McElroy, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

As published in the St. Cloud Times

While the St. Cloud Times Editorial Board is right to raise the issue of efficiency in state government ("Debate on efficiency is missing at Capitol," April 11), it does not provide a complete picture of what we have accomplished under Gov. Tim Pawlenty's leadership.

Hundreds of changes have been made in Minnesota's government operations, some large and strategic, others incremental and tactical. The work isn't always visible, and much of it requires no legislation, but all of it is being done to run Minnesota's government more efficiently and productively.

For example, there are fewer state agencies now than there were in 2003. This means fewer overhead operations and savings for taxpayers.

Pawlenty merged the Minnesota Department of Economic Security and the Department of Trade and Economic Development to create the new Department of Employment and Economic Development, the Office of Environmental Assistance merged with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and the agency known as Minnesota Planning was eliminated and its functions merged into the Department of Administration.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

CPAC Photo

This just in...

AUDIO: Governors Napolitano and Pawlenty on MPR

Minnesota Public Radio

St. Paul, Minn. — Improving the math and science skills of high school graduates is a priority for policymakers around the country. But how to accomplish that is far from certain.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty wants to make math and science education a higher priority, and he discussed that issue Wednesday with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, as they visited the Minnesota Math and Science Academy, a charter school in Woodbury.

Napolitano, a Democrat, is president of the National Governors Association, and is touring the country in search of good national models for science and math education. Pawlenty, a Republican, is the NGA's vice president.

MPR's Tom Crann spoke with both governors about their goals for math and science education.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Pilot-Independent: Fishing hosts for Governor, First Lady and Lt. Governor announced

The Pilot-Independent

For Chip Leer, fishing is more than a hobby or a pastime. It's a lifestyle; fishing is in his blood; he loves everything about it.

Leer, one of the founders of Fishing the WildSide, got his start in fishing as a guide in Alaska. From there he returned to his roots in northern Minnesota as a multi-species guide and resort owner.

His personal mission is to assist people in achieving their personal fishing goals while attracting newcomers to the sport with the excitement of fishing.

"I feel being asked to host Gov. Tim Pawlenty on opening day is a high honor, and with it comes quite the responsibility," Leer said when he heard of the announcement. "With the numbers of anglers qualified for this task, I am extremely humbled to have been chosen."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Agri News: Albert Lea rolls out the green carpet for Pawlenty

By Janet Kubat Willette

ALBERT LEA, Minn. -- Albert Lea and Freeborn County rolled out the green carpet for Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

The garage-slash-warehouse at Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services became a banquet room filled with 50 or-so tables, each sporting a green centerpiece with a tractor, some corn kernels, childrens' play animals and some standing grass.

A green carpet stretched from one end of the warehouse to the other and two shiny green John Deeres sat in opposite corners.

The stage where Gov. Tim Pawlenty spoke was decorated with a farm gate and hay bales. Pawlenty was the guest speaker at the second annual Freeborn County Agriculture Luncheon.

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Pioneer Press Editorial: Poised for progress on mental health

Pioneer Press

Those of us who like to sit back and throw mud pies at the occupants of the state Capitol need to deliver a bouquet of the sweetest-smelling spring daffodils for their work on behalf of those with severe mental illness.

The burden of severe mental illness is made much worse when our social networks do not offer the right kind of help at the right time. A family or patient looking for help needs everything our health care system can deliver. They need to know there is hope, and that the people of Minnesota are not going to leave them suffering alone.

So we praise the advocates, family members, legislators, health and human services officials and Gov. Tim Pawlenty for stepping up to help during this legislative session. Bills awaiting final action contain a substantial investment in services, in the work of the providers themselves and in the idea of a unified set of benefits that government insurance programs will cover.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Governor Pawlenty Rallies GOP at Conventions

Governor Pawlenty visited Republican congressional district conventions today in Medina, White Bear Lake and Waseca.

He was well received as he talked about the recent election, the legislative session, the future of the Republican Party and the need to develop more renewable energy in Minnesota.

Friday, April 20, 2007

VIDEO: Governor Pawlenty on TPT's Almanac

Governor Pawlenty appeared on TPT's Almanac this evening with hosts Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola.

They discussed his mental health initiative, the legislative session and his efforts to reform government.

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Dear Friends,
As you know, two weeks ago we launched a radio ad - "Taxed Enough."

The point of the ad is that we have just climbed out of a huge budget deficit - now is NOT the time to raise taxes.

With your help and support, we're making a real difference.

In the two weeks since the ad started, thousands of you have visited our online action center to help spread the word that we do not need to raise taxes.

And I'm proud to announce that your generous financial contributions have allowed us to keep the ad running for a third week and to run it on even more radio stations across Minnesota.

But we can't let up now.

Huge tax increases are working their way through the Democrat-controlled legislature.

If you haven't already, please join me in this fight.

After all, why would we raise taxes when the state's coffers have a positive balance?

Please visit our online Action Center today to contact your legislator, send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and take other actions to spread the word that you're taxed enough.

Click here to help spread the word.

Thank your for joining me in this fight and for all you do for Minnesota.

Tim Pawlenty

P.S. Please visit our "Action Center" at, where you can contact your local legislator or send a letter to the editor in support of not raising taxes.

ASSOCIATED PRESS: After few vetoes in 1st term, Pawlenty prepares to let loose

By Brian Bakst, Associated Press

In his first four years, Gov. Tim Pawlenty had the luxury of serving alongside a Republican House majority, a line of defense that kept most bills he didn't like away from his desk.
Now that Democrats run the full Legislature, his veto power could get a workout — and a test.

A game of political chicken is in full swing as the 2007 session hits the home stretch. Almost every budget bill the House approved this week is a veto candidate, as are several Senate-passed plans.

Some people at the Capitol doubt Pawlenty's willingness to drive up his veto count, but Pawlenty said he won't be shy about using the executive power. His veto tally so far is among the lowest for Minnesota governors who have served at least four years.

"For me it's not a matter of volume," he said. "It's a matter of principle and what's right. I'm not going to set some artificial cap."

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VIDEO: Pawlenty visits U of M Law School

Governor Pawlenty visited his alma mater this week, the University of Minnesota Law School.

The Daily covered his visit with an article and a video.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Worthington Post: A call for education reform

The Worthington Post discusses Governor Pawlenty's recent trip to Worthington. While there he visited Worthington High School to discuss education reform.

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